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Rest your mind
Korea Zen Culture and Meditation.

Zen stay / 2 days

Gyeonggl-do, Pocheon / Fruit and herb farms

Pocheon, Eco tour / one-day

Seoul and Yeoncheon, Korean Traditional house&Oriental Therapy

Wellness tour / 2days

Seoul-Suwon Gyeonggido, Palace tour

Palace tour / one-day

Tailor-made tours

We will design your travel itinerary you want. 

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Hot News

About South Korea.

China eases ban on group tours to South Korea: Implications for tourism industry?

The number of Chinese tourists dropped some 61-percent on-year, which is...

Do you like

Korean Food?

Delicious, beautiful, healthy and surprise in Korea.

Sweet flower pancakes

In Korea, azaleas will start to bloom from late of March and will be in full bloom on either early April. Koreans make foods by this flower such as pancakes and liquors.

Tour guidance

Travel spot information.


natural wetland

It's not artificial wetland.

It's natural wetland.

This stream of wetland is into the Nakdong river which is lifeline of the Gyeongsang...

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