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Sweet flower pancakes(화전)

Sweet flower pancakes with azalea flowers (Hwajeon: 화전)

In Korea, azaleas will start to bloom from late of March and will be in full bloom on either early April. Koreans make foods by this flower such as pancakes and liquors.

So I cooked sweet flower pancakes!
It is mixed with sticky rice powder, salt and honey to create the dough. Fry a little on one side, and turn it over, put a flower on the dough.

That's just it. It's very easy to make!

Whole Chicken Soup(닭백숙)

In Korea, there are three days called Sambok(Three Bok days) that mark the hottest days of the summer.


While many people drink ice water to cool off during this period but Koreans have a different philosophy. It’s a “fight the heat with heat” mentality. The concept is that having a hot soup dish like Samgyetang, or Korean-style hot chicken soup, will make your body hotter than the weather. That will make you feel less hot. These special dishes are filled with nutrients that will help you restore energy in the scorching heat.


Traditional fillings for Gimbap include egg, seasoned vegetables, meat and imitation crab, but these days anything goes.
Gim means dried seaweed in Korean, and Bap means rice.

These days, there are so many Gimbap restraunt in Korea, but just 30 yerars ago, most of Koreans made Gimbap themself at home. And we can eat homemade Gimbap on a school picnic. Gimbap was very special menu for us before, but not now. haha


Bibimbap means Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables.

Koreans hold a ceremony (to pray) for the repose of the ancestors. And we prepare the ritual foods include many different kinds of vegetable dishes. After finish the ceremony, we eat the meals with family, and we often mix the dishes such as vegetables and rice into the big bowl. And then, we share the Bibimbap. Bibim" means "mixed" and the "Bap" means rice.

Now Bibimbap became popular food in the world.

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